Promix Spiral Mixer - 150 Kg Flour

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Promix Spiral Mixer - 150 Kg Flour

PSM 240

Matas Makina produces fork mixers, spiral mixers, planetary mixers and bread slicer machines with over 30 years of experience. Our main aim is to be the leading company in the sector and to be well known brand in the world on kneading machines and bread slicers. PROMIX; It is with spiral mixing arm, without breaking bar, meticulously produced smart mixer, which will lead other machines to be forgotten.

Thanks to Specially Designed Spiral Arm and Bowl;

Per sack, ıt's more productive than fork armed dough kneading machine and knife spiral mixers.

Gets more mixing water as it does not break gluten and starch of the dough.

There arent any breaking bar which cuts the dough during kneading process.

Kneads the dough without overheating.

Reduces ice usage by half.

Flour dusting is not high.

Traditional, delicious products can be obtained.

Extends the shelf life of the product.


You can get approximately 5-8 more breads comparing with standard spiral mixers, and 10-15 more  breads comparing with fork mixers.

Provides a beautiful scent, bright appearance, thin crust and elastic appearance.

Water Dosing;

You do not need to get any water dosing device seperately, Promix Mixers include water dosing.

Program Memory For 8 Different Products;

Required water amount,1st speed’s time, 2nd speed’s time is stored in the memory. By that way, in the following productions, you can get the same quantity and dough quality.   

Lazer Heat Meter;

Temperature of the kneading dough is measured instantly by laser heat meter.

Ergonomic, Special Design;

Bowl height is designed shorter than other machines. By that way, dough can be taken easily from the bowl. 

Bowl area is designed widely in order to get the dough effortlessly.

For cleaning purpose, top cover is designed massively with stainless steel.

General Characteristics;
Italian brand silent motor is used, which ensures quiet operation.
PSM 80’s bowls 2,5 mm, PSM 160’s and 240’s bowls are produced from 4mm
stainless steel thickness.
Special bearings and belts.
Easy cleaning.
Easily carried by its wheels.