Mobile Promix Spiral Mixer 150 Kg Flour

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Mobile Promix Spiral Mixer 150 Kg Flour

PSM 240-1


Provides excellent kneading in preparation for different types of breads and bakery products

Designed to satisfy dough kneading requirements of the industrial enterprises, and suitable for serial production.

Power transmission system is used for the spiral arm and bowl.

Easy usage with strong, durable and silent structure.

Extremely easy handle of the bowl trolley even  at full capacity.

There are three seperate electrical  motor; spiral motor – bowl motor – hydraulic motor.

Does not include  central breaking bar, kneads without cutting dough.

Kneads the dough without overheating by the help of bowl and spiral arm harmony.

Ergonomically designed for easy maintenance and cleaning.

Min. dough production is %5 of its capacity.

Any preferred directive, time and temperature command can be done by the PLC controlled panel.

With 100 storable memory, different prescriptions can be produced and programmed.


Why MATAS Promix ?

As there are move water consumption in Matas Promix, you can get around 5-8 more breads comparing other spiral mixers, and around 10-15 more breads comparing for mixers.

As more water is used, the bread gives a good aroma.

Furthermore, bread is brighter, thinner crust and inner structure is good and elastic appearance.

You can produce breads according to traditional taste.

Extends the staling period.

Reduces the ice usage by half.

By memory programming and water dosing, it has easy and simple usage.

It prevents flour dusting, and outpouring during the kneading process.

Provides fast mixing of water and other ingredients.