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SM 60 | Spiral Mixer

SM 60


Spiral Mixer with two speed and two timer. It has double motor, spiral arm and bowl operate from different motors. During kneading, at the 1st speed the bowl can be rotated for both right and left directions. At the end of kneading, bowl can be rotated without turning the spiral arm. It is bowl and(Q30) is produced by 304 quality stainless steel. Minimum 3.5 kg, maximum 35 kg flour capacity. Provides homogenic mixture. Because of this, it takes high amounts of water and you get more product. Products have prolonged shelf life. Dough hydration rate is min. %55. (For lower than %55 hydration rate, please contact us) Digital control panel is easy to use and clean. It does not get affected by flour dust or dough pieces. Automatic and manual choice. It has thermometer that you can see temeprature on the screen. Belt and pulley system ensures quiet operation. Water connection is available. 24V control panel Produced in CE standards. It can be moved easily with wheels. One year warranty against defect of manufacturing and assembly.